Website_BannerIndies Attic is a family run, socially minded, business designed to use the creative arts and talents of regular people around the world to raise awareness and make a difference. By collaborating with artists, musicians, designers, and people just like you we are starting a collective movement.

iA has partnered with individuals, orphanages, groups, and organizations around the world creating an environment for change. By working as a collective community we establish a unique line within iA to sustain a means for such change. We donate a portion of all iA profits directly to Cherish Uganda, helping to provide a safe and loving home for each child brought to its doors. We have also created unique products to support individuals, and organizations separately from our Cherish donations. iA is continuously adding new ways to make a difference in the lives many. We do not want to limit the change that we are all capable of creating.

At iA we run off of the philosophy “People Before Profit” and believe that actions speak louder than words. We strive to open an outlet to change the world we live in to the world we want to see. iA functions to support locally and in turn create the opportunity to get involved globally. Nothing is beyond reach. Here at iA you can be certain that we will not only continue making a difference but that we will help you to do the same. Join us in this collective movement to bring a hope for change.

To learn more about Cherish Uganda please visit their USA website here or their Uganda website here.