Reflections and Moving Forward

In 18 days we will have lived on Maui for an entire year! Can you believe it? I can’t.

I have to say I have always been an advocate for following your dreams. My Dad has always told me that I free spirit that follows my heart. I love to encourage people to step out in faith and do what they love. So when my family got the chance of a lifetime to follow our dreams of moving to paradise and live a calmer, less materialistic and more self sustaining lifestyle, providing time for family rather than working the grind of day to day that just never seemed to be enough how could I pass it up? I mean come on really?

So, we took it! We decided we were going to pack up and move out with no jobs, no place to live, no real plans of any kind but to go. We bought one way tickets and that was that. We were so excited and had no doubts! Oh boy did everyone else have them though. Of course we had support from our families and friends but even so you should have seen the shock and horror that came across peoples faces when we told them what we were doing. “You’re crazy! What are you going to do?” “Maui, why would you move there?” (That one I never really understood… why wouldn’t we move to paradise?) “No job. Isn’t that just irresponsible?” “I could NEVER do that I have to much at stake. I have a family I need care for.” Needless to say it was saddening to hear how fearful most people are. So many of us are so stuck in the daily grind of life that we have become frozen to actually living.

Yes, taking off to move to an island in the middle of the ocean with nothing but my little family of 3 is a risk. Did we do it without thinking, of course not. We had savings, and a plan to look for work as soon as got there. We had enough set aside to find a place to live and go from there. Now, let me ask you, what happens if we didn’t find work and ran out of money and just completely flopped once we got there? Well, we would move back home. We had faith enough in ourselves that we were capable of of taking care of our family AND creating a life that we have only dreamed of having. No risk, no reward people. We took a risk, as crazy as you may think it was, and we followed our dreams. Now, we are living out our dream. How many of you can say that?

One year (almost) later we have bought a house with land and my husband is working in a job he loves distilling vodka from organic sugar cane. He just started a part time job teaching surfing! For any of you who already know my husband you would be laughing at how seriously perfect those two jobs are for him. I was able to fully launch my business Indies Attic and take it from more of a hobby to a full time business that allows me to work from home doing what I love and spending the time raising my Little Man. As for Little Man… he spends his days eating fresh organic fruits and veggies from our property, running and playing in the sun, and taking beach trips whenever we want. We are also expecting baby boy two this September! Not a bad outcome for such a big risk right?

Now, this whole year has not been without difficulties. We miss our family and friends tremendously and do get homesick. We do miss certain aspects of how life use to be back in California. Things like BBQ with our families, having friends over movie nights, getting to just go and hang out with friends, the size of my kitchen, being settled and unpacked in my home, Target, Trader Joes, and having a much lower cost of food would be nice to have back. We have yet to find a church that we feel a part. Meeting people and making friends is a little more difficult that we expected. The people we have met are all wonderful but there are very few young families here on the island. But I have faith that those things will get here. Like Target for example… it is supposed to be here in 2015!! Can you tell I’m excited?

Anyway, that whole little spew was all about my reflections on this past year here. I wouldn’t change it for anything. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. What’s next you ask?

1. We plan to build an Ohana House of the second half our property so that Me, my Husband, Little Man, and Baby Boy 2 can move into our own little home rather than sharing (kinda like a duplex but with only one kitchen) with my Dad, Mom, and Brother.

2. We plan to build a chicken coop and raise our chickens.

3. Expand our garden to become a self sustaining garden for our entire family. All the while waiting a caring for all our fruit trees to grow large enough to begin producing fruits!

4. Expand Indies Attic. How we aren’t 100% sure of yet but we have some ideas. One of which being the combination of my personal blog with that of iA’s blog. We want iA to be a family. Not just our family but you and yours as well.

5. Shift gears in our support through Indies Attic to fully support Cherish Uganda. After much prayer and consideration we feel that we are being called directly to Cherish and have decided to make CHOH a personal endeavor.

6. Welcome Baby Boy 2 into our family!

I want to leave you all with a HUGE thanks for all the support that you have given us through the years and especially though this year. I personally hope to hear more stories of people who are inspired to step out and follow their dreams like we did. I encourage it! Until you are ready keep dreaming. That day will come when you know it is time to take that leap with both feet off the ground. Because I know when you land you will hit the ground running and will never look back. You will be living your dream and it’ll be worth it.