Artist Series : Parris Loder

Introducing a new series with Indies Attic and our artists! We would like you to be able to meet the amazing people that are behind the beautiful creations that we will be beginning to offer in our Art section of the shop. Behind every piece of art is an artist and behind every artist is a story.

Meet Parris Loder


“My name is Parris.  I am an artist, a web marketer & designer, a mama to two beautiful children named Emmery & Finn, a wife to a handsome man named Korbin, and a child seeking after God.  Born and raised in California, I currently call a little house sitting by a beach outside of Santa Cruz home.

Since high school, I have always loved and created art.  It has always been something of a hobby, the thing that I could fall into for hours at a time and not notice the minutes tick away.  Most of my work adorns the walls of friends and family and is only recently that I have begun to sell my work outside of my inner circle.

It has been my prayers for years to be able to use my art in some means for God’s purposes.   After graduating from San Diego State, I began working for an incredible man named Bob Goff.  He had built an organization that helped people in India and Uganda to get free from illegal bondage that they were in.  I previously had some experience with Ugandan refugees and my time here solidified my desire to be a part of the change happening in this fragile country.  I am so honored to be able to now partner with Indies Attic in their efforts to aid the orphanage of Cherish Uganda.”



Here is Parris and her two adorable littles spending the day at the beach.

We are absolutely thrilled to have Parris as a part of our artist team. She is a beauty inside and out, raising her two beautiful children while continuing to follow her dreams and trust in God to use her talents to make a difference. The first of a new line of pieces is now available in the shop called “Hope Enough To Fly” representing the HOPE foundation that Cherish Uganda implements.


If you have any questions for me or would like to inquire about a custom-made work, please email Parris at