CHERISH : Lots of Building

There is lots of new and exciting things happening at Cherish right now. One of which is building! What is so exciting about the new building over at Cherish? Well, first off we are in the process of building TWO new homes for the children. This means that 16 more children will have a home here at Cherish! Currently, we have hit the half way point for homes six, and seven and are so excited to be able to open the doors later this year!

Home_6 Home_7


Secondly, construction for Hope Hospital is coming along! The doors and counter tops have been installed. Everything is looking so amazing! Excitement is building as the end of phase one gets closer to an end. Engineering  Ministries International is doing such an amazing job and we can not be more thankful for the all the hard work.

Doors1_HOPE_HOS Doors_HOPE_HOS Counters_HOPE_HOS


Stay tuned for more updates on all the new building progress as well as all the other new happenings over at Cherish!