Dreams, Fear, and Faith

My first official post on our personal lives here was all about following dreams and moving forward. Just after posting it our lives took a crazy turn leaving us spinning wildly in all directions! Everything from unexpected family health problems, last minute trips to the mainland, big conversations, and a huge decision swept us off our feet and onto the next big adventure.

In the midst of all the craziness our Little Man Pounds turned 2! I can not believe that he is already 2! My tiny 6 pound 4 ounce baby is now a giant, walking (make that running), talking, I have my own opinions and interests kid. I look at him in awe and think he is just so amazing but how did we end up here already! Here is a little peak into his 2nd birthday.


Below is us on his first birthday… oh my the changes!



After we celebrated our Pounds is when life went spiraling. Like in my last post I am a big supporter of following your dreams. Take a chance a something, we only live once and when opportunity comes around it usually doesn’t come around twice. Do not miss out on something great because you are scared to take a risk. That being said a big and long standing dream of my Husbands came crashing into the forefront our lives. We had been given an opportunity and we had to decide if we were going to take it. Taking it means changing our lives dramatically and not really in the most opportune time seeing I was about 30 weeks pregnant with baby number two. Not taking it means we may pass up the one and only time this opportunity may come around. Pray, pros and cons, pray, discuss, pray, how do you feels, questions, do we really want it’s, pray, decision. We decided to take it. In a matter of weeks we packed our bags and made a temporary move back to California.

A mix of emotions leaving Maui and headed back Cali but we know that we made the right decision. We took a risk, and are still taking a risk but the last risk we took to move to Maui payed out in so many more blessings than we could have ever imagined. Maybe this risk to follow our dreams again will turn out the same. What if it doesn’t work out you say? Well we tried and that is all that matters. I wouldn’t regret it even an tiny bit. We are building our life story one risk, one dream, and many memories at a time.

Keep checking back for more posts on how we are doing in this adventure as well as for some fun little adventures we have taken along the way thus far. I am a little behind in posting due to being due any day and being so busy but I will do my best to get some new family footage posted! Beloved!

Aloha Steins