At a Glance : Stein Family Adventures

In June we came to California for a little family vacation. It had been the first time Dave had been back since we moved. We flew into San Diego on the red eye and began our trip with a bang. What did e do first? The beach of course!

IMG_2259 IMG_2264

To make a busy day even busier it was World Cup Soccer. If there is anything that my husband, and his family, is absolutely obsessed with it is World Cup Soccer. It makes for really fun games and lots of good memories. Daddy and Pounds got all decked out for the games.



We made the most of our week hanging out with our family as much as possible before heading back home to Maui on Pounds birthday. We celebrated him turning 2 early with Steins of course. Then ended our trip with another fun filled day at the beach!

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We arrived back in Maui and woke up bright and early to celebrate Pounds birthday! I can not believe my little man is 2 years old! How did that happen? We spent the day at Ho’okipa Beach and even were blessed with a few honu hanging out on the beach as well. Liam’s buddy Elvis came to play and they had a blast. Ellen brought delicious raw vegan carrot cupcakes that are favorite of mine now. The boy ran around, went swimming, built and smashed sandcastles, and wore each other out. We are so thankful for a Hawaiian family and all the love they have for our boy. We couldn’t be more blessed!


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I hit 27 weeks of pregnancy…


Then came along Independence Day! This year we stayed home and played with glow sticks, poppers, and sparklers.

IMG_3072 IMG_3103 IMG_3110

Not to long later a lot of things changed for us. We some difficult decisions to make and ultimately decided to temporarily move back to California. Before we left we made the most of our time left on Maui by visiting the Aquarium for the first time with Liam, taking him to see his first movie in theaters Planes Fire & Rescue, and spending every chance we had doing all the things we loved.

IMG_3120 IMG_3153 IMG_3156

Our family at our finest…



IMG_3180 IMG_3215 IMG_3235 IMG_3253 IMG_3261 IMG_3324


We boarded a plane and headed back to California to begin a new adventure. A little bit after arriving the Stein family was having a big family reunion in La Jolla. We spent a few days enjoying everyone and the beach.

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To catch us up to recent adventures to come is the birth or our littlest man Rowan, my Mighty. We are so glad he is finally here!





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Aloha Steins