New Collection : Northern India

For the short time we have been in Maui we have been blessed to meet lots of amazing people. We are so excited to announce a new collaboration with some new friends at Baizaar. This company is a traveling boutique comprised of artisan crafted goods from around the world. They travel to places like Northern India, Thailand, and Nepal and work with some of the local artists to offer their stunning pieces of work back in the United States.

After talking with Lauren, co-owner of Baizaar, I was so inspired their desire to do things differently and to help others at the same time. When I asked her why they began Baizaar Lauren told me, ” I think we both were born with a natural entrepreneurial spirit and we absolutely loved all of the small/independent business we saw in Southeast Asia, from the soup lady on the corner who serves the same amazing soup everyday that she makes from scratch, to the artisan jewelers with their little shop. I think we wanted to be around this more, to support these small businesses we respected so much, and to be one!”

The now spend time traveling and meeting with their artists, as well as new ones, each year creating this eclectic, gorgeous, and one of a kind collection that they offer. I was lucky to have met them only a few weeks before they set off on their travels. I was so intrigued by the pieces that they ha to offer as well as so grateful to have met some wonderful people.

Since here at Indies Attic we work in Northern India we thought it would be a perfect collaboration to bring you some of the local artisan goods that represent the area we work in with our orphanage. So coming so to our website will be a few beautiful pieces from two different artists. The first being a brass beaded collection from a young artist Nitesh. He hand makes all of his original designs and is such a kind and creative guy.  The second collection is made from hand carved brass by a family metalsmith shop that has been passed through the generations.

Here is a shot of Andrew, from Baizaar, with Nitesh.



Here are a few shots of the metal smiths working away!




I am so excited for you all to see the new items! This first batch is limited in quantity but if we do well we will have the opportunity to offer a larger collection since Baizaar is currently traveling and creating their new collections!