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CHERISH : Lots of Building

There is lots of new and exciting things happening at Cherish right now. One of which is building! What is so exciting about the new building over at Cherish? Well, first off we are in the process of building TWO new homes for the children. This means that 16 more children will have a home […]

Nyumba is where the heart is

The heartbeat of Cherish is in their homes. We recently received a few pictures of these homes that we wanted to share with you! This is one of their homes. The big tank is a rainwater harvester. Each home has 2 water tanks, solar power & composting toilets. Construction at Cherish is predominantly brick, cement […]

iA is now supporting CHERISH UGANDA

  Have you ever looked back on your life and thought how did I get here? Have you ever looked back and just stood in awe of the path you see behind you that has lead to where you are now? Well I have done that recently. I grew up in the Palm Springs area […]