Archive / October, 2013

CUSTOM : Bridal Piece for Heather

Such a stunning and incredibly sweet bride to be was surprised by one of her closest friends with the newest custom piece we have created. Out of all the pieces I have made this one was so much fun because I have NEVER done anything like it before. Heather has just recently gotten engaged to […]

CUSTOM : Bridal Piece for Carachele

It is the season for love it seems! Yet another beloved friend is on the engaged list! I just love these custom pieces so much and have enjoyed the happiness it has brought to my wonderful friends I am just going to keep on creating! I was able to work with Carachele’s wonderful husband to […]

CUSTOM : Bridal Piece for Jasmin

I had so much fun making the first necklace for my friend Paige that when I found out another beautiful friend of mine was now engaged I just had to create one for her as well! This time I was able to be sneaky again and I worked her wonderful husband to be Ryan to […]

CUSTOM : Bridal Piece for Paige

A dear friend of mine had gotten engaged and I wanted to do something for her that wasn’t the typical bridal gift but was still something unique and special. I am a photographer and even though I am not currently pursuing that part of my life as my business anymore it is still something that […]