Nyumba is where the heart is

The heartbeat of Cherish is in their homes. We recently received a few pictures of these homes that we wanted to share with you! This is one of their homes. The big tank is a rainwater harvester. Each home has 2 water tanks, solar power & composting toilets. Construction at Cherish is predominantly brick, cement […]

CUSTOM : Bridal Piece for Heather

Such a stunning and incredibly sweet bride to be was surprised by one of her closest friends with the newest custom piece we have created. Out of all the pieces I have made this one was so much fun because I have NEVER done anything like it before. Heather has just recently gotten engaged to […]

CUSTOM : Bridal Piece for Carachele

It is the season for love it seems! Yet another beloved friend is on the engaged list! I just love these custom pieces so much and have enjoyed the happiness it has brought to my wonderful friends I am just going to keep on creating! I was able to work with Carachele’s wonderful husband to […]

CUSTOM : Bridal Piece for Jasmin

I had so much fun making the first necklace for my friend Paige that when I found out another beautiful friend of mine was now engaged I just had to create one for her as well! This time I was able to be sneaky again and I worked her wonderful husband to be Ryan to […]

CUSTOM : Bridal Piece for Paige

A dear friend of mine had gotten engaged and I wanted to do something for her that wasn’t the typical bridal gift but was still something unique and special. I am a photographer and even though I am not currently pursuing that part of my life as my business anymore it is still something that […]

New Addition to the Family

Our beloved Indian family have a new addition! Meren and Shelly Damsel have welcomed their second baby into the world this past Tuesday, September 24th, 2013. Shelly had to go into the doctors for a c-section because baby was not turning into the right position. All went well and they were blessed with a beautiful […]


Today was a BIG day for us here at Indies Attic (iA). We are originally from California and have just recently moved to Maui, Hawaii in June 2013. In doing so we decided to take iA to the next level and actual turn it into a business that we could officially launch here in Maui. […]

iA is now supporting CHERISH UGANDA

  Have you ever looked back on your life and thought how did I get here? Have you ever looked back and just stood in awe of the path you see behind you that has lead to where you are now? Well I have done that recently. I grew up in the Palm Springs area […]